Business Finance

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Anyone can benefit from this basic business finance program.  It is taught primarily from the engineer's point of view but sales, manufacturing, quality and HR people will get valuable insights as well.  The idea of this class is to arm all employees with information that will help them make better decisions from a financial perspective.   All attendees will learn new ideas and practice the skills during the ONE-DAY program.  

Here is what you will learn to do:

Learn how to measure your customer's financial health so you can better help them and avoid focusing on the wrong opportunities
Understand important business concepts and terms so you can communicate more comfortably
Learn new ways to improve profits
Learn new ways to lower direct, indirect and general expenses
Work with financial statements and measurements to determine financial strengths and identify areas of financial weakness. This will position the attendee to help their own company, as well as, identify areas where they can help their customers
Understand how to improve cash flow and why it is important
Get opportunity analysis criteria
Learn about personal finance and why investing early is important
Develop Breakeven charts for companies and projects

This one-day "role-play" program on Business Finance is very interactive.  The class consists of lecture, role-plays and a lot of interaction.

Discounted rates for custom programs at your facility are available

In our public seminars we limit the class size to 12 persons, so you get personalized treatment. Each class includes discussion about your situation and John Mitchell does everything possible to tailor the program to your needs.


Our clients have told us that we do an unparalleled and excellent job developing customized programs.   We study your industry, your customers, distributors or other chain partners and your competitors.   We may already have done a program that is suitable for your situation.  Our cases are based on real-life products and circumstances.

Seminar Content - One-Day Program

Introduction To Business Finance: The program starts with the statement that everything in business revolves around finance.  And Business Finance involves terms, reports and calculations that everyone in a business should know. The attendees are given a test to determine their basic knowledge. Role-playing in this segment.

Key Elements Of Business Finance: A variety of components that make up Business Finance are discussed. Terms, measurements, ratios, cash, forecasts, reports, tools, profits and more are discussed and how they interact is illustrated.

Profits: Profits are the lifeblood of any organization.  This point is made clear with a number of examples.  Common ways profit is diminished are presented and discussed.  Ways to increase profits are identified. The actual costs of a number of, often under-estimated, expenses are provided and discussed. 

Terms & Definitions: A long list of terms are identified and defined and examples given.  Some of them include: Accounts Receivable; Accrual; Breakeven Point; Budgets; Cash Flow; Credits; Collateral;  Debits; Depreciation; Expenses and Burden (Direct, Indirect, General); Goals; Income; Inventory; Revenue; Retained Earnings; Sales.  Gross and Net Margins for manufacturers and re-sellers are discussed at length. Role-playing in this segment.

Financial Statements: The major statements such as Income Statement; Balance Sheet; Cash Flow Statement are thoroughly discussed and examples presented and analyzed.  Role-playing in this segment.

Cash Flow:  Cash Flow statements are discussed and analyzed and ways to improve cash flow are explored. Simple and complicated examples are provided and discussed. The alternatives to financing from operations are explored and the costs compared among Line-Of-Credit and Collateralized Loans.

Breakeven Analysis:  This section deals with examples of how to calculate the breakeven point on varying projects and for a sample company.  Role-playing in this segment.

Business Measurement: A long list of the ratios, to measure Liquidity, Leverage, Activity and Profitability, are presented and explained.  A variety of situations are examined and discussed and industry standard ratios are provided and discussed.  Role-playing in this segment.

Stock Ownership: Many companies, either private or public, have stock which can be given or purchased by employees.  We present and discuss the different types of stock, how you can get the stock and how to value your shares.  The purpose of Auditors and their allegiance is presented and discussed.

Prioritizing Opportunities:  To make money it is important to work on projects and customers that will provide a suitable profit now and in the future.  Criteria are provided to help decide which opportunities are the most attractive.  Examples of good and bad projects are presented and analyzed. Role-playing in this segment.

Personal Finance:  Here we help each attendee to see how they can prepare for the future more effectively.  A variety of investment options are presented and the risk/return for each explored.  Returns on common investments over many years are presented and discussed.  Bonus plans and 401K programs are also discussed. Participants will develop a suitable investment portfolio for three people having different financial situations. Role-playing in this segment.

What's In It For You:

- Attendees will learn specific skills that can be implemented immediately.
- Attendees will understand the important elements and techniques that lead to more profit for themselves and the company.
- Attendees will come away with a manual on Business Finance.
- Attendees will get to practice the learning blocks with a combination of role plays and in-class discussion.
- And everyone will have a fun time with John.

Why Choose Mitchell Selling Dynamics

- We have the know-how to get it right.
- We are the best value in sales training.
- Mr. Mitchell does all of the training.
- We have extensive experience developing role-plays and case studies.
- Mr. Mitchell has an MBA from Michigan State's Executive MBA program and has taught college level Economics.  Additionally, he is an avid investor.
- We will do the most comprehensive customization job to match your specific needs.
- We have been doing business training for over 35 years.


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Discounted rates for custom programs at your facility are available


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