Our Programs Are Now In China

The Chinese market is growing enormously and has special needs in the areas of sales and marketing.   Since one out of every five people in the world is Chinese and since China's GDP is growing at over 7% per year, we felt our services could be helpful.   We are working with our Chinese representatives to develop customized sales training programs in China.  While John still does the individual training programs, review programs and follow-on programs and all arrangements are being handled by our representatives, 51CON, whose headquarters are located in Shanghai, China.

Here is our team in China

51CON - John with our representatives in China

51CON, a major consulting firm with offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong have agreed to represent us all over China.  They provide very similar services to those we offer in the United States.

         John with a group in Shanghai

Our books and PC slides are provided with English on the left side and Chinese on the right side.   Interpreters translate every word if necessary. Meetings are held at your facility or in a local hotel.

David Shen 
1525 Ding Xi Road
Chang Ning District
Shanghai, China  200050
Cell: 1390-174-5925
Tel: 021-64601607
Fax: 021-64601607
Email: David@51Con.com.cn
Web: http://www.51Con.com.cn

Why Choose Mitchell Selling Dynamics and 51CON

- We will help you increase your profitable sales
- We will help you with sales and marketing strategy
- Our materials are translated into Chinese
- We can use local personnel to help set up the meeting and handle the arrangements
- We can do training program development including studying your situation and customizing the program to meet your needs
-  We have extensive experience developing and presenting programs to non-English speaking groups
- We are sales and marketing experts
- We can do the whole project or any part
- We are the best VALUE for this kind of project

                 The Shanghai Airport

Right from the start, when you enter Shanghai you have to be impressed.  The airport is the most sophisticated design on the planet, combining beauty and functionality at the same time.

                         Downtown Shanghai

Shanghai is the most progressive city in China.  It has more skyscrapers than New York City.


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