Innovation & Creativity Training


We can help your team create innovations.  We show them why they are not being creative now and provide a specific process and techniques to generate innovations.  We will provide specific skills that your people will be eager to use. This training will help all members of the organization contribute new ideas and solve existing problems.  Techniques will be taught that apply to individuals and groups of individuals.  Specific skills are taught and practiced. Generally, the program runs two to three hours but full-day programs can be customized to meet your needs.

What Innovation Is

We provide a series of definitions for innovation and describe the factors that affect an organization's ability to be innovative.  We identify common sources of innovation from outside and inside an organization.  Several formulas for innovative success are provided.  The various types of innovation are presented.

Why We Aren't Creative

We point out common things that hold most people back from being creative.   We identify specific factors that affect an individual's ability to be innovative and we  help them see their role clearly and give them reasons to work harder to see that innovation objectives are accomplished.

The Innovation Process

We introduce our attendees to the best process to be innovative from analyzing and identifying potential innovation areas to generating, evaluating and implementing innovative ideas.  Additionally, attendees practice techniques for developing creative ideas.

Managing Innovation

We identify the conceptual  infra-structure necessary to organize for innovation and list specific actions to take to increase the likelihood of developing and capitalizing on innovations.


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