Interaction Effectiveness

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This full-day "role-play based" program shows support staffers, such as Information Systems and Human Resources employees,  how to deal more effectively with other organization members. The attendees are shown what providing excellent support is all about.  The class consists of interactive lecture and role-plays.  There are 9 different role-plays that give attendees a chance to practice very practical techniques presented in the class..  At the end of the day the group is divided into teams of three each and the teams work through a difficult interpersonal situation. After each role play,  the results are discussed and a solution is provided for comparison and discussion.

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In our public seminars we limit the class size to 12 persons, so you get personalized treatment. Each class includes discussion about your situation and John Mitchell does everything possible to tailor the program to your needs.

Customized Role-Plays

Our clients have told us that we do an unparalleled and excellent job developing customized role-plays.   We study your industry, your customers, distributors or other chain partners and your competitors.   We may already have role-plays that are suitable for your situation.  Our role-plays are based on real-life products and circumstances.

Seminar Content

Introduction To Interaction Effectiveness: General principles and benefits of dealing effectively with others are presented. The idea of support functions providing outstanding "customer" service to the rest of the organization is explored and thought provoking questions about teamwork are discussed.  Role-play in this section.

Common Behaviors: A bit of the theory for people's behaviors is presented and discussed. Attendees are shown how to recognize the different types of people and how to react to them. Other topics in this section include: Motivation Theory; Types Of People; Styles Of People; and Right And Left Brain Differences.  Role-play in this section.

Being Professional: Here, we show that providing value and achieving successful interactions are based on essential skills such as listening, blending, re-directing and effective communications. Three role-plays are used to re-enforce the material presented. Studying the other party from a number of vantage points is crucial in determining how to deal with him.  Attendees learn the importance of understanding what motivates the other party.  Role-play in this section.

Being Courteous: The basic forms of courtesy are discussed and specific ways to handle a variety of situations are presented and practiced.  Techniques are provided for "Putting Someone On Hold"; "Transferring Someone" and "Being The Department Receptionist".  Role-play in this section.

Psychology System: A comprehensive system for neutralizing a negative energy customer is presented and practiced. This system takes the "brain lock" away when faced with a difficult interpersonal situation.  Exact words to say for each aspect of the system are provided and practiced.  Role-play in this section.

Win/Win With Difficult Customers:  A variety of difficult customers are identified and techniques for dealing with them are presented. Several role-plays are used to practice the techniques that are presented. Role-play in this section.

Transaction Excellence:  Getting it right the first time, tips and techniques. Other areas included in this section are: Being Easy To Do Business With; The Cost Of Errors; Increasing Accuracy; Educating Your Customers; Dependable Delivery; Certified Internal Quality Control.

Being The Best That You Can Be: Here we present a list of the skills that are used by truly effective support staffers.  We get the attendee's buy-in that constant improvement is necessary to achieve superior performance. We also include in this section, the idea of choosing your own attitude and discuss a number of alternatives.  Role-play in this section.

Managing Your Time: In this section we provide tips, tools and techniques to make better use of your time.  Included is this section are: Developing plans & goals; Using Microsoft Outlook synchronized to your Palm Pilot For Your Calendar, To-Do-List, Contacts and Email;  Scheduling activities based on priority; Crisis/Priority Quadrants; Batching Your Activities; Establishing Goals And Plans; and Being Organized.  Role-play in this section.

Tools Of The Trade:  A number of the important "Tools Of The Trade" are presented including: A great work station design; Call Recording Management Book; Microsoft Outlook; Palm Pilots; Database Software; Catalog Display Rack; and Other Software.

Team Role-Play: At the end of the day the group is divided into teams of three each and the teams work through a difficult interpersonal situation. Role-play in this section.

What's In It For You:

- Attendees will know how to spot and deal positively with difficult people.

- Attendees will work better with their fellow employees and turn around problem situations.

- Attendees will come away with countless examples of what to say and how to say it.

- Attendees will get to practice the systems and techniques to provide better support to other organizational members.

- And everyone will have a fun day with John.

Why Choose Mitchell Selling Dynamics

- We have been doing customer service training for over 15 years.
- We are the best value in customer service training because we will make the effort to know the needs of each attendee.
- We have extensive experience developing custom role-plays and case studies.
- We are dedicated to learning all the details of your specific needs.
- We have a ton of references and existing clients for you to check with

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