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Anyone involved in price negotiations can benefit from this "Case-Based" program.  It is taught primarily from the sales person's point of view but purchasing people will get valuable insights as well.  All attendees will learn new ideas and practice the skills during the TWO-DAY program.  

Here is what you will learn to do:

Prepare for negotiations properly
Get info on the other party
Analyze and estimate margins using Microsoft Excel
Establish lofty, yet realistic, goals
Validate your view with authoritative standards
Exchange information informally for positioning purposes
Identify a "Preferred Supplier"
Get valuable experience practicing the concepts and techniques

This two-day "case based" program on Negotiations is very interactive.  The class consists of lecture, role plays and a comprehensive negotiation based on the case.  The case is sent to the attendees prior to the class so that they can study the complicated situation and be prepared to work with it.  The material is delivered and periodically the attendees are asked to apply the concepts and techniques to the case.  This two-day program has extensive role-playing on both days where you will practice the techniques that are presented. At the end of the class the group is divided into teams of three each and the teams actually "role-play" negotiate the case and the results of each negotiation are compared and discussed.

Discounted rates for custom programs at your facility are available

In our public seminars we limit the class size to 12 persons, so you get personalized treatment. Each class includes discussion about your situation and John Mitchell does everything possible to tailor the program to your needs.

Customized Cases

Our clients have told us that we do an unparalleled and excellent job developing customized cases.   We study your industry, your customers, distributors or other chain partners and your competitors.   We may already have a case that is suitable for your situation.  Our cases are based on real-life products and circumstances.

Seminar Content - Two Day Program

Introduction To Negotiation: General negotiation principles, attributes of skilled negotiators are presented along with the factors affecting success in negotiation.  The concept of finding an agreement that really helps both sides is explored.

Negotiation Styles: A variety of negotiation styles is presented along with the inherent pros and cons of each style and how best to deal with them.  The attendees are given a test to determine their dominant style.  Role-playing in this segment.

Situation Analysis: Successful negotiation is based on information and it starts with analyzing the situation.  Studying the other party from a number of vantage points is crucial in determining how to deal with him.  The concept of a "Preferred Supplier" is presented and discussed and attendees are provided techniques to determine if there is one and what to do about it.  Attendees learn the importance of understanding what motivates the other party, identifying who the decision makers are and how to evaluate the competitive situation.  Role-playing in this segment.

Negotiation Leverage: A look at different types of leverage and how to identify who has the leverage in a negotiation.  Techniques to improve your leverage are presented.

Goals And Expectations: The importance of having a high aspiration level is discussed and methods are presented to help evaluate the value your solution provides so that you will develop proper goals and expectations. Role-playing in this segment.

Validating Your View:  The best persuasion is "proof".  We show how to use statistics, government reports, Internet sites, printed documents and other information to support your position. 

Exchanging Information:  This section deals with what information to get and how to get it.  Techniques such as informal pre-meetings, phone calls and social get-togethers are discussed. Specific questions are presented and other information gathering techniques are discussed.  Role-playing in this segment.

Tactics and Countermeasures: A long list of the tactics employed by a wide variety of negotiators and the best ways to deal with them.  This provides attendees a laundry list of methods they can select from to deal with "other parties".

Making Concessions: Alternative opening values are discussed and a variety of concession strategies and patterns are presented and discussed.  The whole negotiation "numbers exchange" process is diagramed with a variety of alternatives analyzed.

Getting Commitment:  Agreement is not necessarily commitment.  Getting commitment can be as tricky as exchanging information.  We present practical techniques for taking an agreement to an enforceable and measurable conclusion.

Cultural Differences:  Here we help to understand how the different cultures approach negotiations.  Insights are provided to improve dealings with Asian, Latin, European and other cultures. 

Ethical Considerations:  Integrity in negotiations leads to long-term relationships.  We present what negotiating fairly and in good faith is all about. 

Selecting The Proper Strategy:  Every negotiation should have an overall guiding theme that helps in deciding tactics to use and concessions to make.  We present several different strategies and match them to different negotiation scenarios. 

Developing The Plan To Implement Your Strategy:  Once you have the strategy defined a detailed plan must be developed to implement the strategy.  We provide a skeletal worksheet to prepare yourself for "Negotiation Excellence".  Role-playing in this segment.

Case Negotiation:  Each class uses a real-life case to illustrate the key points and techniques.  This case is given to all class members prior to the class date.  The class group is split up into teams representing either the buying or selling side.  During the day the teams work together to develop strategy, analyze facts, go over the numbers and participate in actual negotiation sessions.   At the end of the day the negotiated settlements are compared to our "solution" and discussed.  Role-playing in this segment.

What's In It For You:

- Attendees will learn specific skills that can be implemented immediately.
- Attendees will understand the important elements and techniques that lead to better outcomes.
- Attendees will come away with a 50+ page manual on Negotiations.
- Attendees will get to practice the learning blocks with a combination of role plays and a significant case study.
- And everyone will have a fun time with John.

Why Choose Mitchell Selling Dynamics

- We have the know-how to get it right.
- We are the best value in sales training.
- Mr. Mitchell does all of the training.
- We have extensive experience developing role-plays and case studies.
- We are sales and marketing experts.
- We are dedicated to learning all the details of your industry and your specific needs.
- We have been doing negotiations training for over 15 years.


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Discounted rates for custom programs at your facility are available


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