Referred Leads Seminar

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Anyone who sells can generate more revenues, profits and income after attending this HALF-DAY seminar.  You will get new ideas and learn how to get more REFERRALS and make getting REFERRALS part of your standard sales process.  

Here is what you will learn to do in our Referred Lead program:

Identify who can give you a referral
Understand the eight different types of referrals you can get
Get referrals properly using the exact techniques practiced in the class
Use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twittter and other Internet networking web sites to get referrals
Manage your time by prioritizing and scheduling referral and lead work
Establish reasonable referral goals and conversion rates
Determine the proper amount of effort to expend on referrals

John Mitchell packs every minute of his sales seminar full of practical, useful ideas that will generate more income for yourself and your company. Learn new ideas on how to get more referred leads and convert them to customers. Attendees will learn a new system to get referrals repeatedly. It is ideal for both the beginning sales person who needs to know what to do and what not to do and the seasoned veteran who could benefit from new ideas on being more effective. This half-day program has extensive role-playing where you will practice the techniques that are presented.

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In our public seminars we limit the class size to 12 persons, so you get personalized treatment. Each class includes discussion about your situation and John Mitchell does everything possible to tailor the program to your needs.

Referred Lead Seminar Content - Half Day Program

Most companies do a pretty good job of teaching their sales people the technical aspects of their job.  We specialize in teaching them the softer aspects of their job.... getting excellent leads, managing time and managing relationships.

Introduction: Wheel of Fortune, Readiness-To-Buy curve, Why we don't ask for referrals, How to make getting referrals part of our sales process. Dealing with rejection
Providing Value: Understanding the value story, Techniques to provide value
Who Can Provide Referrals: Referral criteria, People, Companies, Strategic Linkages. Role-playing in this segment.
Tools To Help: Selection Criteria development, Unique Selling Advantages, What's In It For Me statements. Role-playing in this segment.
How To Get A Referral: Understanding the eight different types of referrals; How to ask for each one; What to do to make it easier to get the referral. How to get a referral letter and a LinkedIn referral, Telephone script for following up with a Referred Lead, Daily Call Log, Overcoming Objections How to leverage a referral in the close. Role-playing in this segment.
Social and Business Networking Websites: Eleven different websites where you can get referrals. Number of registered users of these eleven websites.
Rewarding Someone Who Gives You A Referral: Ethical and legal considerations, Showing Appreciation, Providing Recognition, Time and Money, Just Time, Just Money
How Much Time To Spend Prospecting: Key Accounts, How many accounts can you handle, Maintenance Territory, Growth Territory,
Setting Referral Goals: How many requests is right, How many referrals should you get, How often should you ask for a referral, What is a good conversion rate.

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Discounted rates for custom programs at your facility are available


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