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Office Automation Seminar - Computer Training For Sales And Marketing Persons 

Our 150 page book plus the six- hour program sound track on a set of CD-ROMs on How To Increase Your Sales By Automating The Sales Process With PC's. 


 Microsoft’s Office Pro family of software products: Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint.
Windows: Stopping Pop-Ups;  Setting up a Windows Network to share hardware, software and a high-speed internet connection; Learning shortcuts that can help save time
Microsoft Office: How the components work together; Installing components on a web site
Word Processing: Microsoft WORD: Importing objects; Adding charts/graphs; Using the Drawing tools to create Organization Charts and improve layout; Creating merge letters; Creating an "auto-fax" document; Creating templates.
Spread Sheets: Microsoft EXCEL: Using Function Wizards; Auto filling fields; Making charts and graphs; Preparing quotations and budgets; Creating Expense Reports; Importing files.  Each attendee will get a FREE custom Expense Account Form.
Databases: Microsoft ACCESS: Understanding databases, Comparing ACT, Goldmine and others, Developing a great customer database including tips, shortcuts and examples, Creating mail labels, Merging records with auto-fax and auto-email. Each attendee will get a FREE custom CRM database
Broadcast Faxing: WINFAX PRO: Sending faxes to key customers at night by merging a Word document to an Access database
Visuals: Microsoft POWERPOINT: Creating a presentation from a folder of "jpg" pictures, Using and modifying templates; Inserting audio, video and logo's; Animating text and graphics; Inserting scanned images automatically; Printing audience notes and slides; Making a great sales presentation without paper
Mapping: Microsoft MapPoint: Mapping your accounts by zip code geocoding
Remote Access: pcANYWHERE: Updating and accessing files from a remote location
Scheduling: Microsoft OUTLOOK: Contact management, scheduling, emailing and tasking; Creating Groups for mass emailing; Inserting repetitive tasks; Synchronizing with PDA's
Using: Palm Pilot and other PDA's: Synching with Microsoft Outlook for contact management, scheduling, emailing and tasking
Internet: Getting your site to come up higher in search engines; Developing Key Words and Meta-tags
More Hardware/Software: Exchanging files, Using CD-ROM's for records and other stuff, PaperPort, etc.

Speaker: JOHN MITCHELL is an interesting and entertaining speaker and is president of Mitchell Selling Dynamics, Inc. He has made presentations to audiences of over 10,000 people from companies including: Eaton Corp, W.W. Grainger, General Electric, J&L Industrial Supply, TRW, BASF, Federal-Mogul, Carboloy and many more.  Note: This program is available for several versions of these applications.

:  $49.00 total, includes: Mr. Mitchell's class book, six one-hour CD-ROM's covering the sound track from a recent program, a handsome cassette album, shipping and handling. 

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