Office Automation Seminar

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Anyone who sells can generate more revenues, profits and income after attending this TWO-DAY seminar.  You will get new ideas and learn how to use standard programs to automate many business functions.  

Here is what you will learn to do:

Grow profitable sales
Use Microsoft Word and Excel better and get free templates
Use Outlook and PDA's to manage tasks, contacts, your calendar and more
Set up an Access CRM database using our customized template
Create and send mass emails in "html" format
Use Mitchell Selling Dynamics employees for "FREE" phone support after class
Create merge faxes using Word and WinFaxPro
Work remotely with pcANYWHERE
Create dynamite PowerPoint presentations
Use the free files that come with the class
Modify your web site to make it come up higher in search engines
Map your accounts at street level by geo-coding from the zip code

John Mitchell presents a two-day seminar on how to use computers to get more business and how sales people can be more effective. It is ideal for sales persons and sales/marketing managers who want to know what software is available and how to use it to increase sales. Attendees will get practical tips on using Microsoft Office, Palm Pilots and other standard software and hardware to automate many routine business activities. We specialize in providing computer training on customer database development using Microsoft Access. Attendees include sellers to automotive, wholesalers, industrial product/service sellers, CPAs, consultants, product managers, marketing managers, sales managers, account executives, sales representatives, insurance sellers, etc.

Discounted rates for custom programs at your facility are available

In our public seminars we limit the class size to 12 persons, so you get personalized treatment. Each class includes discussion about your situation and John Mitchell does everything possible to tailor the program to your needs.

Each attendee will get a book with over 150 pages of "how-to-do-it" information to take home and FREE files as described below.

Seminar Content - Two Day Program

Windows: Stopping Pop-Ups;  Setting up a Windows Network to share hardware, software and a high-speed internet connection; Learning shortcuts that can help save time
Microsoft Office: How the components work together; Installing components on a web site
Word Processing: Microsoft WORD: Importing objects; Adding charts/graphs; Using the Drawing tools to create Organization Charts and improve layout; Creating merge letters; Creating an "auto-fax" document; Creating templates.
Spread Sheets: Microsoft EXCEL: Using Function Wizards; Auto filling fields; Making charts and graphs; Preparing quotations and budgets; Creating Expense Reports; Importing files.  Each attendee will get a FREE custom Expense Account Form.
Databases: Microsoft ACCESS: Understanding databases, Comparing ACT, Goldmine and others, Developing a great customer database including tips, shortcuts and examples, Creating mail labels, Merging records with auto-fax and auto-email. Each attendee will get a FREE custom CRM database
Broadcast Faxing: WINFAX PRO: Sending faxes to key customers at night by merging a Word document to an Access database
Visuals: Microsoft POWERPOINT: Creating a presentation from a folder of "jpg" pictures, Using and modifying templates; Inserting audio, video and logo's; Animating text and graphics; Inserting scanned images automatically; Printing audience notes and slides; Making a great sales presentation without paper
Mapping: Microsoft MapPoint: Mapping your accounts by zip code geocoding
Remote Access: pcANYWHERE: Updating and accessing files from a remote location
Scheduling: Microsoft OUTLOOK: Contact management, scheduling, emailing and tasking; Creating Groups for mass emailing; Inserting repetitive tasks; Synchronizing with PDA's
Using: Palm Pilot and other PDA's: Synching with Microsoft Outlook for contact management, scheduling, emailing and tasking
Internet: Getting your site to come up higher in search engines; Developing Key Words and Meta-tags
More Hardware/Software: Exchanging files, Using CD-ROM's for records and other stuff, PaperPort, etc.
                        Note:  This seminar is available in a variety of application versions.

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Discounted rates for custom programs at your facility are available