Auto-E-mailing Setup


We set up customer databases using Microsoft Access and install buttons as shown below to email documents or reports automatically.  The emailed material can be constructed in a word processing or database application.  Following the emailing the database is updated to show the records that were successfully emailed.  Those that were not emailed successfully are sent postcards and the database is updated for mailing.We can install pcANYWHERE on one of your network PC's and then do it for you remotely if necessary.  This form of emailing is not "spamming" since the only recipients are those  in your database who have provided you their email address.

What's In It For You

Update customers periodically at no cost for postage or phone charges
Contact customers regularly so they keep you in mind
Get your information to customers with the shortest lead time possible
Add a sense of urgency to your message
Personalize each email with merge fields
Keep your message short and simple
Save time and materials since there are no paper documents and no handling

Why Choose Mitchell Selling Dynamics

We have the know-how to get it right
We use the most economical hardware and software
We develop all screens in Microsoft Access which you can modify yourself
We have extensive experience developing databases and setting up auto-E-mailing
We are sales and marketing experts
We can do the whole project or any part
We are the best VALUE for this kind of project


Email Preparation Screen - Example

This is a sample screen for creating the information to be emailed. This example shows the main menu and the form with the fields used to construct the email. All that has to be done is to enter the information into the fields and then hit the button "Send Email".

Auto-Email main menu

Auto-Email text entry form


Post Auto-E-mailing Correction Screen - Example

Since email addresses change from time to time we have set up a method to determine which specific email was returned due to an invalid address. Once the email is returned it goes into a separate table that can be viewed with this sample screen after auto-E-mailing. These buttons will allow you to correct email addresses for emails that came back.

Auto-Email correction form



We can set up the system so that you can make changes using standard Access functions or we can lock out the system so that no changes can be made. You can add buttons or documents easily using standard Access commands.

We can develop the email documents in Microsoft Word for you or show you how to do it and how to import them into Access for emailing.

Your Cost

Simple system setup is $1500 which includes modifying database tables and establishing   the code to send email automatically and handle updates and mailing following the emailing.

Database, document development and auto-emailing projects can be completed for well under $5000.


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