IMTS Services

We offer a host of services to support the International Machine Tool Show (IMTS).  Right now you can get up to a $500 credit if you use us for any of the following services:

- No hand-holding, we are metalworking experts that can get the job done with a minimal amount of instructions from you
- Low cost,
our very low overhead means savings for you.
- Technology experts, we develop PC based databases and expert systems and can automate some of the booth activities for you.

Get your message out at the show

  • Booth presentations
  • Conference presentations

Get an industry professional to help create and tell your story.   We know the industry very well and can create and give dynamic and entertaining presentations at your booth or by presenting a paper for you at the Manufacturing Conference in one of the tracks on Machining, Grinding, Tooling, Quality, Strategy or Job Shop technology

Handle leads properly during and after the show

  • Database experts handle leads

We are experts that can do it faster and cheaper than anyone else.  We take all of your leads, whether they come in on card-swipes, business cards, napkins, e-swipes or whatever and we enter them and then merge/purge them, standardize them, append them or distribute them

Turn you booth workers into booth winners

  • Training for your booth personnel

Get results from your booth workers and make sure they treat visitors properly.  Our "Trade Show Excellence" program will teach them how to get and qualify leads.  It will provide them with a checklist of things to do when visitors enter the booth and it will help you get your message out in a professional manner

Add a IMTS-Show page to your web site

  • We will add whatever pages you want to your existing web site

This will help to promote your booth and its location in Chicago



Other Show Services

  • Booth development including set up and tear down
  • Trade Show "narrator" presentations in the booth
  • Technical paper presentations at the Technical Sessions during the show 
  • Training for booth workers with our standard program "Trade Show Excellence" (see the web link below for course content) 
  • Script creation or Technical Paper development
  • PowerPoint creation and presentation
  • Computerized lead handling during and following the show
  • Distributor sales meeting arrangements and "Event Coordination"
  • Web site page creation with "Show Information"
  • Expert System development to generate booth interest
  • Auto-faxing and auto-emailing booth info prior to the show
  • PR and "Press Kit" development and presentations



$500 Savings Right Now!

Call us before March 1st, 2004 to use us for your IMTS efforts and get up to a $500 credit on your project.


How To Get Started

Give us a call in Michigan at 248-644-8092 or 800-328-9696 or email us and we will contact you.

Your Cost

Our fees range from $100 per hour up to $4000 per day depending on the type of work we are asked to do and the amount of skill, equipment and preparation involved.



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