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We can help your team get a larger return on your trade show investment.  We will provide specific skills that your booth workers will be eager to use. This training, presented in its entirety by John Mitchell, will help even the most seasoned sales rep.  It begins with a recommended list of objectives to be accomplished and then the techniques necessary to achieve the objectives.  Specific skills are taught and practiced. Generally, the program runs three hours but full-day programs can be customized to meet your needs.

And we offer a variety of trade show services to support metalworking and other Trade Shows which you can view by clicking on this IMTS Services link.

Before The Show

We provide a list of important considerations before you get to the show.  We have found that it is important to know as much as possible about:  union regulations, exhibitor restrictions and deadline dates, parking rules, delivery locations, phone hookups, overnight services, passport/ID requirements, translators

Establishing Objectives

We will work with your booth personnel to develop hard-hitting objectives which will guarantee a substantial return on your trade show investment.  We will help them see their role clearly and give them reasons to work harder to see that the objectives are accomplished.

Proper Attire

Looking professional is the first part of trade show success.  We recommend a dress code and get a consensus and agreement from the booth workers.

Getting A Visitor's Interest

We will develop specific statements which the booth personnel can use to generate interest in your products and services.  This will be followed by role play practice sessions.

Providing Proper Information

We stress the importance of making your customer's visit productive.  We point out how to give the customer the right amount of information, how to give demonstrations and handle literature requests properly.  We will show them a unique way to introduce promotions and show specials.

Trade Show Courtesy

This part has to do with making a booth visitor feel important and comfortable even when your booth workers are busy with other visitors.  We want every customer who visits your booth to come away with a great impression.

The Greeting

We work with the group to develop the exact greeting that everyone is comfortable with and then we practice it.  We help develop ways to identify the right target audience. We have a process for helping to identify your company's unique selling advantages and WIIFM statements about your products or services.

Getting Essential Information

We stress the importance of getting critical information about visitors.  An Access database is provided which can handle card swipes as well as manual data entry.   Demonstrations and practice are part of this.

Handling Lookie-Lou's

We show booth personnel how to recognize, screen and qualify visitors.  We provide professional techniques for minimizing time spent with non-prospect visitors.

Market Intelligence

Booth workers can be an excellent source of market intelligence.  We will show them how to do reconnaissance work on competitors and get valuable information from visitors.

Maintaining Your Stamina

We provide specific techniques to reduce fatigue and recommend pre-show workouts that will tune the body for long periods of standing.

Handling Records After The Show

We will demonstrate ways to import records into Access databases and how to follow-up leads after the show.


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