Presentation Skills

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This full day program on making "Presentations" is very interactive.  The class consists of lecture, numerous attendee speaking assignments, role-plays and a comprehensive session on Microsoft PowerPoint.  The material is delivered and periodically the attendees are asked to practice the material in the form of presentations to the rest of the class.  The program emphasizes presentation content as well as style.  All attendees will be shown how to develop a presentation from scratch.

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In our public seminars we limit the class size to 12 persons, so you get personalized treatment. Each class includes discussion about your situation and John Mitchell does everything possible to tailor the program to your needs.

Seminar Content

Introduction To Public Speaking: Techniques to help deal with fear are presented and demonstrated.   A variety of openings that will make it easier to control the start-up jitters are  discussed and the attendees are asked to try them in a short introductory presentation to the class. 

Preparation: A check list is provided for all the things that must be completed to be properly prepared.  This will include, among many others, what you should know about the expected audience; planning your presentation so that it will meet your objectives and realize your expected outcome; Sizing the graphics so that they can be seen easily from a distance.

Developing Knock-Out Content:  We discuss and demonstrate the 3-tier technique for presenting your story in "What's In It For Me" terms that make it clear what you are proposing and why your audience should take your recommendations. 

Hard-Copy Proposals: A number of sample winning, printed proposals are presented and discussed showing the key elements of a written proposal including bracketing, pie-sweeteners and other items to include to help sell your proposal. 

Microsoft PowerPoint: The features of PowerPoint are presented and attendees are walked through the process of creating a presentation with and without Wizards.   Our technique to cross reference slide numbers with handout pages and vice versa is demonstrated.

Adding Clip-Art: Graphics are gotten from the internet, sized and inserted into the PowerPoint presentation to augment your presentation. 

Adding Audio And Video: Audio files (.wav) and video files (.avi) are inserted into PowerPoint slides with some of the files gotten from the internet.  Audio and video file creation techniques are discussed and demonstrated along with recommended editing software. 

Using Animation: Bulleted lists and graphics will be animated in PowerPoint and attendees will be shown how to make items appear and disappear on each slide with a simple mouse click.

Changing The Slide Master:  Making changes on the PowerPoint slide master are demonstrated and practiced including adding graphics and un-grouping standard templates to alter the appearance of the slide master.

Presenting Your Presentation:  At the end of the class, each attendee will be coached and assisted in making a formal presentation to the rest of the class.  The attendees will learn how to print out the slides in a variety of formats for distribution to their audiences and to provide a master to make overheads.  The importance of asking for the order will be emphasized and techniques to get the order will be presented.

What's In It For You:

- Attendees will improve their presentation skills.

- Attendees will learn how to employ techniques to deal with fear.

- Attendees will get to practice building a PowerPoint presentation including developing content and making "live" presentations.

- Attendees will come away with a manual to document what was taught.

- And everyone will have a fun day with John.

Why Choose Mitchell Selling Dynamics

- We have the know-how to get it right.
- We are the best value in sales training.
- We develop custom role-plays and cases unique to your industry.
- We have extensive experience developing role-plays and case studies.
- We are sales and marketing experts.
- We are dedicated to learning all the details of your industry and your specific needs.
- We have been doing presentation training for over 15 years.


How To Get Started

Give us a call in Michigan at 248-644-8092 or 800-328-9696 or email us and we will contact you. 

Your Cost

This program is available as a custom program at your facility only.   Attendees will have the option to bring their own computers. Please check out our fee schedule for estimated pricing.


Discounted rates for custom programs at your facility are available



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