Price Schedule


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1. Custom Seminars*

Mr. Mitchell does an enormous amount of research prior to putting on a custom seminar.  He will know your market, your products and your people.  It will be just like he is one of the gang.  For more details on the preparation click on the following link: Custom programs.

Group Size Price Comments
1-15 $300 for each attendee (per day) Minimum charges are negotiable for small groups
Next 10 attendees $250 for each attendee (per day)
Next 10 attendees $225 for each attendee (per day)  
Above 35 attendees $200 for each attendee (per day)  
Large groups are negotiated
Research, preparation, materials, program customization and travel time are included.

2. Databases

Basic Access databases can be produced for $500 with no installation, changes or training.   Customized databases with record standardization, merge/purging, training, installation and one round of changes can be done starting at $4,500.  Click here for more database pricing information.

3. Consulting*

Time Commitment Price Comments
40 hours or less $225 per hour  
Over 40 hours $175 per hour


Lengthy projects are negotiated

Hours must be charged in one quarter; Travel time is extra and is often charged at half-rate*


* Notes: