Inside Sales Excellence Seminar

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Anyone who uses the telephone to talk to customers can generate more revenues, profits and income after attending this TWO-DAY seminar.  

Here is what you will learn to do:

Grow profitable sales
Apply our SYSTEM to create Win-Win situations when dealing with angry customers
Find prospects and convert them to customers
Build relationships and avoid creating interpersonal issues
Provide real VALUE to your customers by understanding their needs
Deal effectively with price issues
Close more accounts
Increase customer retention
Manage your time better by utilizing Microsoft Outlook
Penetrate on cold-calls
Up-sell, Cross-sell and bundle complementary products

In addition to the essential customer service and telephone courtesy techniques John Mitchell provides a system to create win/win situations when dealing with angry customers; new tools and techniques for phone workers to manage time more effectively; and ideas for growing sales in a down economy. This two-day program has extensive role-playing on both days where you will practice the techniques that are presented.

You will learn specific techniques to increase sales and profits during inbound and outbound calls. Get the secrets to penetrating accounts on the phone. We will show you how to generate positive energy events with angry customers. You will learn the techniques necessary to hold the line on price. We will show you how to translate your product's features into "What's In It For Me" statements for the customer. Attendees will get practical, useful tips that can be put to work immediately. Typical enrollees include customer service reps, order-desk personnel, technical support liaisons, will-call/counter workers, tele-marketers and accounts receivable persons.

Discounted rates for custom programs at your facility are available

In our public seminars we limit the class size to 12 persons, so you get personalized treatment. Each class includes discussion about your situation and John Mitchell does everything possible to tailor the program to your needs.

Seminar Content - Two Day Program

Most companies do a pretty good job of teaching their sales people the technical aspects of their job.  We specialize in teaching them the softer aspects of their job.... managing time and managing relationships.  (To open and then print our brochure in PDF format click here: "Inside Sales Excellence")

Introduction:  Market model; Purchase facilitators; Readiness-To-Buy curve;  Understanding the Purchase Cycle; Distribution of prospects for our products.
Inside Sales Excellence: Defining inside sales excellence and the importance of customers. 
Understanding customer service; The value of customers; The cost of getting new customers; The cost of keeping customers; Why customers stop being customers.
Profits: Understanding the importance of profits; Techniques to grow profits
Understanding Behavior: Recognizing different types of people and how to react to them.  Motivation theory; Types of people; Styles of people; Right and left brain; How to recognize right and left brain people; Do's and don'ts for right and left brain people. Role-playing in this segment.
Added-Value Selling: Learning about your customer to understand his needs; Providing real value to your customer with your products and services.
Value-Added Selling: Using your own experience, professionalism and other unique personal characteristics to provide real value to your customer.
Being Professional: Getting customers to ask for you; Forbidden phrases; Excuses may make matters worse; Voice mail; Knowing your product; Being enthusiastic; Providing Value; Developing empathy; Getting others to help; Being dependable; Handling stress.  Role-playing in this segment.
Tele-Courtesy: Projecting a great image and attitude. How to answer the phone properly.  Being Pro-Sonal; Projecting image and attitude; Phone etiquette; ListeningHow to put someone on hold; How to transfer someone; How to get someone back on track; Your voice; Voice qualities checklist; Grammar and diction; Being humorous; Accents and non-English callers.
Phone Psychology Process: Using a systematic method to handle callers and generate positive energy.  Greeting; Acknowledgment; Fact finding; Solution proposal; Acceptance confirmation; Follow-Up.  Role-playing in this segment.
Win/Win With Angry And Abusive Customers: Reversing bad situations. Problem definition and solution; Complaints are good; Helpful hints in dealing with angry customers; Complaint types; Complaint resolution; Recommended ways to repair damaged relationships; Making it right and knowing your limitations; Abusive callers. Role-playing in this segment.
Transaction Excellence: Getting it right the first time, tips and techniques. Being easy to do business with; The cost of errors and claims; Systems; E-Commerce; Increasing accuracy; Educating your customers; Dependable delivery; Certified internal quality control; Inter-department quality control.
Starting A Sale: Using strategies and skills to grow profitable sales. Learn how to up-sell and cross-sell on inbound calls. Inbound telephone sales strategy; Outbound telephone sales strategy; Unique selling advantage statements; WIIFM statements; Sales opportunities for CSR’s; Ways to make calls more successful; Summarizing; Your proposal.  
Closing: Two types of closing: "Activity Closing" and "Preferred Supplier Closing".  Dealing with price effectively; Overcoming objections; Dealing with rejection
Phone Sales Process: Understanding the proper technique to make outbound calls.  Sample scripts and the "Call Process Chart" are provided and demonstrated. Role-playing in this segment.
Selling In A Down Economy: Using new and creative techniques such as Strategic Linkages, Problem solving, Adding Value, Lead follow-up, Old accounts, Sharing successes, Team selling, New markets, Auto-contacting, Up-Selling and Cross Selling, Holding the line on price; Re-Evaluating Assumptions
Managing Your Time: Developing plans & goals; Using Microsoft Outlook and synchronizing with a PDA for your calendar, To-Do-List, Contacts and Email.  Scheduling activities based on priority. Crisis/Priority Quadrants; Batching your activities; Scheduling based on priorities; Being organized.
Tools Of The Trade: Specifying a great work station design, time savers, computers and software.  Comfortable and efficient work station; Call recording management book; Calendar - Organizer; Catalog display rack; Microsoft Outlook; Palm Pilots and other PDA's; Computer and printer; Word processing software; Spreadsheet software; Database software; Other software; Call logs; Survey sheets
Counter Courtesy Techniques that can be employed by will-call counter personnel to improve their inter-personal interactions.
Common Problems To Avoid: Examples of problems commonly caused by phone workers.

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