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Introduction 2. Factors
This section lists three levels of analysis criteria or "Factors" that an Automotive team member should consider prior to committing resources, including their own time, to an opportunity.  Our employees should work on providing help to those customers that are  strategic to our success.  Please note that some customers are not strategic to our success and they can be diversionary or take us away from working on the strategic customers.
These "Factors" should help us understand an opportunity's "Effort"; "Value to the Company" and "Risk".

Please note that opportunities which can be commercialized across a broad base of manufacturers are ideal.

First, we want to work on projects that will provide a large annual profit in less than two years.

Second, we want to work on projects that will provide a large annual profit in more than two years.

Third, we want to work on projects that will provide a small annual profit in less than two years.

Generally, we do NOT want to work on projects that provide a small annual profit and will take a long time to get the profit.

  • 2.1 Three Levels of "Factors"
    This part of the module is divided into three sections.   

    First Level Factors" are simple measures that can be used to help define the opportunity in clear terms and to identify the customer's expectations.  Once we clearly understand what we are being asked to do we may decide to proceed to the next level of factors.  It is important to describe the opportunity in consistent terms so that other Company employees understand clearly what is being asked of us.

    Second Level Factors" involve getting input from other Company employees.  Here we will be honestly estimating the likelihood for successfully making the product and getting an order from the customer.

    Third Level Factors" require that the project must have "passed" the first two levels.  Third level "Factors" involve estimates of resources required and quantitative analysis.
Test Your PK Absorption
1. Who should our employees provide help to?

2. What opportunities should we go after first?

3. What opportunities should we NOT go after?