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We are a Michigan-based, high-tech provider of sales and marketing solutions.  We have been serving customers since 1990. Our core competencies include results-producing, "skills based" sales training and applying computers to automate the sales and marketing functions.

Our clients tell us we are an excellent value for providing answers, techniques and solutions to sales and marketing problems.  Our president, John Mitchell, has a lot of experience in the metal-working machinery and cutting-tool industries and we specialize in helping industrial distributors grow profitable sales.  We are proud to be endorsed by many companies, please check the links under our Client Selecting Us menu on the left.

We are regularly involved in helping our clients with sales training; telephone skills training; distributor and customer database development; expert systems development using Visual Basic and interactive web site development. The majority of our customers are in Michigan and Ohio but we support clients all over the world.

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WB01515_.gif (482 bytes)WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU ?

Increase profit dollars - we teach techniques that emphasize the importance of profits and how to deal with price issues.
Maximize sales dollars -
we teach skills to prioritize accounts and work on what is worth working on.
Reduce cost of sales -
we develop databases and show sales people how to auto-fax and email.  We help you reduce the cost of finding, screening and converting prospects for your products. 
Improve customer retention rate -
we teach our copyrighted "Purchase Cycle" � to help sales people to grow sales to existing customers.
Apply standard Microsoft applications -
we teach a class called Sales Force Automation which involves the latest hardware and software to be more effective.
Learn the latest practical techniques
 - we are very down-to-earth and offer simple tips that can be implemented immediately.
Work with a team of experts -
we get it right and on time
Get to know an outside resource that you can trust

We have programs that will help sales people to:

  • Manage their time more effectively
  • Deal more effectively with price issues
  • Develop long term relationships with their customers
  • Improve follow-up by using Outlook and Palm Pilots
  • Develop professional selling skills

We have programs that will help customer service people to:

  • Up-sell and cross-sell politely and courteously
  • Be more courteous to customers
  • Handle angry customers using our unique system
  • Deal more effectively with price issues
  • Be more efficient managing their time using Microsoft Outlook

We have systems that will help your company to:

  • Reduce the number of inbound phone calls by creating web databases
  • Reduce errors and time entering information by creating web forms with drop-downs that are appended to your enterprise software automatically.
  • Recommend products using our expert systems
  • Prepare quotations automatically using our expert systems
  • Make people more effective managing their time using Microsoft Outlook

About John Mitchell

John E. Mitchell is considered an expert in sales and marketing. He is intensely focused on developing new ideas and techniques to increase business. His career as a Sales Manager and as a Marketing Manager with the General Electric Company spanned 20 years. He has trained tens of thousands of  people from companies like Ameritech, Eaton Corp, J & L Industrial Supply, MCI, Rockwell, TRW, W.W. Grainger, etc. He has undergraduate degrees in Physics and Electrical Engineering and an MBA degree from Michigan State University's Executive MBA Program. 

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He is a graduate of General Electric's Management Training Program having attended GE Crotoville and has been published or quoted extensively in trade magazines, most recently in MSAE Association News (March/April, 2004); Selling Power (Jan/Feb, 2004); Selling Power (September, 2003); ContactCenterWorld.com (October 2002);  Sales & Marketing Management (September, 2002) Competitive Edge (May/June 2001); Colorado Springs Business Journal (February, 2001); Building Industry News (February, 2001); Strategies & News (October, 1999); Selling Power (March, 1998);  Strategic Sales Management (October, 1998); Machine and Tool Blue Book (March, 1989); Cutting Tool Engineering (August, 1987); NC Shop Owner (September, 1984); Cutting Tool Engineering (June, 1984); Manufacturing Engineering (November, 1981); Tooling & Production (November 1981). He is the founder of Mitchell Selling Dynamics, Inc. and author of  the course books for Relationship Selling, Consultative Selling, Inside Sales Excellence, Sales Force Automation and Negotiation Excellence. Mr. Mitchell is personally involved in every project and presents each full-day seminar in its entirety. He is a motivating and entertaining speaker who delights in getting intimately involved in the production of custom programs for his clients.

WB01515_.gif (482 bytes)Who Should Attend The Sales Training Seminars ?

Anyone involved in business-to-business customer contact such as sellers to the automotive industry, industrial distributors, wholesalers, industrial product/service sellers, account executives, sales representatives, sales engineers, customer service reps (CSR's), order desk personnel, accounts-receivable, tele-marketers, technical support reps, engineering liaisons, etc.

Our programs are warm, friendly and relaxed. Each session has a maximum of 12 attendees. We provide a comfortable, enlightening learning experience that gives attendees the latest INSIGHTS into win/win value-added techniques. We provide SOLUTIONS and TECHNIQUES that can be implemented immediately. Cost of attendance is $647 US.

CD's or Audio Cassettes Available For Continued Reinforcement !

Each sales training program is available on CD's or audio cassettes for continued learning. These programs are delivered in a handsome album with six one-hour audio CD's or cassettes and the course book. These audio programs are available for $49 US.

WB01515_.gif (482 bytes)Custom Programs Are Available At Reduced Rates !

Each program can be customized to meet specific needs and presented by John Mitchell anywhere in the world. Customized programs involve studying the client's market, personnel and financial situation. Detailed profiles of customers, competitors and attendees are assembled and provide the basis for examples and role-plays. Custom programs can be done for as little as $4000 US. Click here to see more.

WB01515_.gif (482 bytes)Customer Database Development In Microsoft Access

We have extensive experience setting up distributor and customer databases using Microsoft Access. We can recommend and/or install hardware and software to allow broadcast faxing, direct mailing, tele-prospecting and relationship marketing. Anyone interested in getting new customers or wanting to handle leads more effectively can benefit from the very latest technology. Integrated databases can be set up for as little as $2000 US. Click here to see more

WB01515_.gif (482 bytes)Automobile Dealer Customer Database

We have an excellent Microsoft Access customer database designed specifically for car dealerships. It provides for measuring sales people, sending time-sequenced mailers and keeping track of contacts with customers. Click here to see more.

WB01515_.gif (482 bytes)Client Comments: read our reference letters or look at a list of our references

"Mitchell provides a wealth of practical, useful help that can be applied immediately."
Brian McCarthy, Automation Software, Brown/Sharpe.

"Mitchell created a database that greatly exceeded our expectations. The database is now the backbone of our company."
Michael Absher, Absher Motor Sales

"The instruction in combination with the hand-outs proved exceptionally useful and educational. These ideas will be implemented immediately."
Greg Goodale, Sales, Walker Wire & Steel Co

"Mr. Mitchell was very precise and clear. His program will definitely help my career in sales."
Chris Novak, Sales, Eaton Corp

"The web site developed by Mitchell Selling Dynamics ia a great value."
George W. Smith, George W. Smith & Company

"Mitchell is professional but casual. SMALL CLASS SIZE WAS GREAT."
Ron Andrews, Agent, Teledyne Firth Sterling

"I want to buy his cassette tapes."
Orest Bej, Sales, B A S F Corp.

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