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Newsletter for 4Q05

To: Our subscribers

We here at Mitchell Selling Dynamics wish you all a very special Christmas and a great New Year!

We have sent this Newsletter because our records indicate you or someone else at your company expressed an interest in our services.  To unsubscribe from our quarterly email newsletter please hit the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this newsletter.

Using the Phone + Technology

We think there is a huge opportunity for sales people to use the phone MORE as a sales tool.  Obviously, you can make more contacts on the phone than you can in person, but in addition, technology is getting better every day.  Now, we can leave Voice Mail and we can Fax and Email very professional promotional materials to customers while we are talking to them AND we can give them Web Demo's on the spot complete with full audio and video.

Web Downloads Right Into Excel

If there is information on a web site (any web site) that you would like to have automatically downloaded right to an Excel spreadsheet on your PC, you can use an Excel feature.  To use it, go to the Excel Menu Bar, choose Data, Get External Data, Web Query. This can be used to update a laptop listing of inventory, price list or you can get your portfolio of stocks updated with current values. We can help with writing Visual Basic Code to message the data for you or to bring it down automatically.

Video On The Web

VideoEgg Publisher lets you drag and drop videos of all kinds onto websites. Get more info at

Check for Patents

Great patent site lets you search for patents and get patents.

Blogging Tools

Bingo Bango Software Inc., an Atlanta- based start-up, announced the release of Elicit. Elicit, a desktop blogging client, integrates leading web and RSS Services from the internet's giants in one application for the purpose of creating content for blogs. Elicit's service integration is one of several productivity innovations for bloggers

Great Cell Phone Tool is software and an 800 number that you can text message or call to get answers to all kinds of questions right through your cell phone.  Get quick and easy access to Weather, Movie Times, 411 listings, Sports Scores, Directions, Horoscopes, Flight Information, Stock Quotes and more. ALL from your mobile phone. All for FREE!.

We have established new schedules for 2006

Our class schedules for the new year can be checked by clicking on the blue links below.

"Relationship Selling" in Detroit and Cleveland areas.  Click schedules for more info.

"Inside Sales Excellence" in Detroit and Cleveland areas.  Click schedules for more info.

"Negotiation Excellence" in Detroit and Cleveland areas.  Click schedules for more info.


Newsletter for 3Q05

Summer is over, oh well!

Start Off With Something Nice

If you are like me you are always in a rush and want to get right to the point in your emails.  Well, please take a few seconds to insert a short, "nice",  sentence at the start of your emails prior to "getting to the point".  This little act of kindness will go a long way helping you increase your sales.  I recommend something like: "Hi Joe,  We all hope you had a great summer" or "We hope all is well with you and Alice since we last talked".  A little "nice" personalization can help set you apart from the pack and it only takes a few seconds.

Audio-Books from the Internet has tons of content that can be downloaded that can be listened to with iPods, Creative MuVos, Rio Carbons and other MP3 players and many PDA's. BasicListener plan is $14.95 per month.


Info on 300,000 topics

Visit for RSS feeds on over 300,000 topics. It ranks the feeds by interest level using their NewsRank technology. These feeds can be added to your Yahoo page and others. It is the best source for prioritized news that I have seen.

Get Your "Blog" Indexed

If you have a blog and want to get it indexed, so others can find it, here are Blog indexing sites: (Blogs are free places for you to post news about your company, products, successes, FAQ's, etc. and anyone can add comments)

Add speaking "characters" to your PowerPoint presentations

Right Seat Software sells software to add speaking characters to your PowerPoint slides. See for more info.

New, very cool cell phone

Motorola has introduced their new, very small Moto Razr V3 cell phone with no visible antenna. Check it out at


Newsletter for 2Q05

Summer is here at last!!!!

Off-Site Disk Storage

If you are like me, you are running out of disk space and hate using tapes, CD's and other devices to prevent loss of your critical files. Well, a great alternative is, and has been, available. It is storing your large files on the Internet! You are protected if you have a theft or fire.
- Streamload provides the service for free with up to 10 Gigabytes of disk space
- Xdrive charges $10 per month for 5 Gigabytes of disk space
- Google's Gmail gives 1 Gigabyte of email space so you could email your files to yourself for storage. However, there are some limits on file size.
- AOL users get 100 Megabytes
- Apple has .Mac which provides 250 Megabytes for $100 per year. They have also integrated iDisk and iLife. Users can drag files from their iLife application onto a folder on their desktop.
- Yahoo has a service too. It is a Briefcase that you can upload files, up to 5 Megabyte in size, to for free but you can pay up to $35 per year and get more features. It also allows you to create folders that you can share with others. This would allow you to share pictures, drawings, quotes, files, etc.
Only problem with this is that upload speeds are normally slower than download speeds so it takes a lot of time. However, ".bat" files can be written and put into Windows Task Scheduler to have it done automatically for you at night. Please contact us if you want the .bat file code.


No big deal but on April 18, 2005 I got my first hole-in-one. It happened on the 4th hole at Springdale which is a local Birmingham, Michigan course on the number four hole. This is a 205 yard par 3 from the blue tees. I used my driver and the ball bounced on the green and then in the hole. There were no witnesses other than whoever is looking over me from above

Fax-To-Email Cost Reduction

I just got rid of another $30+ monthly phone bill by eliminating a fax line. The fax number was 248-644-3209 and I was getting 50 junk faxes for every one good fax. I switched to and got my new fax 248-232-0069 for $5.75 per month. I eliminated the costs of toner, paper AND the monthly phone cost too. From now on the faxes I receive will go directly to my email and appear as a PDF attachment. I plan to keep my trusty fax machine and let it share an existing phone line for the odd customer who wants me to fax them something I cannot fax through my computer.

Dealing With Stress Better

- Take a timeout-step back and take a deep breath and clear your "screen" removing any thoughts that do not help
- Recognize that what you are worried about is really NOT THAT IMPORTANT
- Observe the time you have to fix what you are anxious about and delete or postpone any low priority activities
- Determine what you CAN do to make matters better
- Get help from others that CAN help.

GoDaddy Success Story is an Australian fitness Web site already making a name for itself on the Internet. After being online for just three weeks, it achieved a number one ranking on Yahoo!? for the search term "quickest muscle building techniques." Not bad for a Web site that was built nearly for free.

" I registered with Go Daddy for two years for just $9.90," says Richard Hargreaves, CEO of IronPower and a former Mr. Australia (1984). "That was practically the only money I spent."

We use to register web site names (URL's) and have found it to be low cost and easy to use.




Newsletter for 1Q05

Happy New Year!

Let's hope that 2005 is the best year in several.  That probably will not be hard to do!

VOIP - Internet Phone Calls

If you are like me, you are looking at the high cost of phone calls and wondering if VOIP may be helpful.  At $5 a line or $25 for unlimited calling VOIP is a cost reduction.

The following two links will tell you everything you need to know about VOIP:  Cnet VOIP Info or PC Magazine VOIP Info My friend, Jerry is using VoicePulse and he is happy with them

Training Database

We have just completed a "Training Database" to keep track of employees and the training programs they need; are scheduled to take and have taken. It is perfect for businesses, associations, schools and government institutions that want to manage training schedules, track completion, evaluate costs and suppliers of training.

Credit Reports

As of 3/1/05 everyone can get a free copy of their credit report from set up by the Federal Trade Commission. You can also call 877-322-8228 to order it.

Weight Lifting Properly

For those of you that do exercises with weights, you should do them properly to avoid injury and have the most benefit. The following sites have easy to use short videos and/or animated graphics to show the proper way to do weight exercises. Visit then go to "Exercise Database" then pick a "Muscle Group" and then click on the exercise. Or go to then go to "Exercise Section" for animated exercises. You can also check out then go to "Exercise Instruction" then "Power Training Exercise.

Cell Phone Telemarketers

In a few weeks, cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies and you will start to receive sales calls. Call this number from your cell phone 888-382-1222. It is the national Do Not Call list. It blocks your number for 5 years.


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