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Newsletter for 4Q2009

Telephone Tools
This issue is devoted entirely to reducing telephone costs.

Magic Jack
This tool is a real cost reducer.

It allows you to plug the magicJack into your PC using a USB port and then you can plug your telephone wire into the Magic Jack and make unlimited calls for free to anywhere to the USA or Canada.

So you could be in the USA or anywhere else in the WORLD and log on to the Internet using Wireless network or any other Internet connection and then start making telephone calls to land lines or cell phones in the USA or Canada.

You could also run the wire out from your magicJack to the line into your home or office and all the phones would be able to make calls immediately.

The magicJack costs around $40 USD for the unit and then $20 USD each year thereafter. You can find more information at

By now, everyone should be familiar with Skype available from

I have tested it and it shows video from a web cam much faster than Yahoo Messenger and, presumably, other IM sites.  No stuttering of the video frames and great FREE talking over the Internet with a microphone, either built-in or a plug-in.

netTalk TK6000
This tool is an even better cost reducer.

This device does not require a PC.  You simply plug this into the back or your cable modem or or other Internet router and them plug your phone line into the TK6000 and immediately make phone calls to anywhere in the USA or Canada for free.  You can also receive calls from anywhere in the US or Canada since netTalk will give you a phone number to use so you can be called.

You could also run the wire out from your TK6000 to the line into your home or office and all the phones would be able to make calls immediately.

The TK6000 costs a one-time $100 USD for then all calls are free for life. And there is no need to have a PC running to use it.  You can find more information at

Phone Number Parking
There are a number of Internet services where you can "Park" you phone number so you do not lose it or so you can forward calls to the number to another phone number such as you cell phone.

These services do not charge the high monthly fees that ATT or other phone line services charge.

Among these services are: and


Newsletter for 3Q2009

Thunder and Lightning
The speed of sound is roughly 1000 feet per second (300 meters per second) or sound travels a mile in 5 seconds.

So, if you are on a golf course and you see lightening you can can count the time from when you see it to when you hear the thunder and know that a 5 second separation means that the storm is a mile away. If the winds are running at 10 mph you will know that you have 6 minutes to get to safety if the storm is a mile away. 

Web Conferencing without all the COST
Check out for a bare-bones web conferencing site.  Cost for 100 "attendees" is $129 per month and it offers "Whiteboard" and "Application" sharing and "PowerPoint" presentations. 

Want to know if your email is read?
There is a service that can tell you if your email is read and a lot more.
 The service is available from for $50 per year.  It works on all email applications including web mail.  Another similar service is available from

Get Info on Companies
If you need to check out a company BEFORE you work on them you might want to use a couple of sites to get info: for the Better Business Bureau and for the Federal Trade Commission.  There are more links on our web site in the "Info On Companies" part of "Useful Web Sites List" section

Get all kinds of business info on the phone by calling 800-GOOG-411 (Google); 800-555-TELL (Microsoft's TellMe) and 800-Free-411 (Jingle Networks )

Weight Training Done Properly
For those of you that do exercises with weights, you will want to do them properly.  These sites have easy to use short videos and/or animated graphics to show the proper way to do weight exercises. Visit then go to "Exercise Database" then pick a "Muscle Group" and then click on the exercise.  Or go to then go to "Exercise Section" for animated exercises.  You can also check out then go to "Exercise Instruction" then "Power Training Exercises"


Newsletter for 2Q2009

On Being Happy

The key to staying happy, in my friend Jerry Fireman's opinion, is filling up your life with fulfilling and meaningful activities. These ideas are not really designed to help get you out of a bad mood but more to be done on a regular basis to keep you in a positive mood. There's nothing very new here but I am hoping that they might help in a small way.

1) Fulfilling work � Probably the most important of all because that�s where you spend most of your time. You should concentrate on doing a great job rather than letting your mind wander. Your work should bring you connections with other people, such as part of a team or making a difference to customers.

2) Staying close to friends and relatives � Make contact every day with as many friends and relatives as you have time to. Call them on the phone, meet them for coffee, send them an email, mail them a greeting card.

3) Good deeds � Do nice things for others on a regular basis. This should include your friends and relatives, co-workers, and people you have never seen before and will never see again. Things that no one will ever know you did are best of all, like picking up someone else�s litter when no one is around.

4) Exercise � A good workout will make you feel great for at least four hours so try to plan it just before the times when you normally feel down. The best exercise is when you raise your heart rate to 70% of your maximum for 30 minutes or more, so think about getting a heart rate monitor to measure your effort.

5) Cause � Find something that you can be enthusiastic about that has nothing to do with your own personal well-being. For example, work for a political candidate, join an organization dedicated to a cause, support a charity, or maybe help an older person in your neighborhood on a regular basis.

6. Spiritual Development - Spend a reasonaable amount of time being pursuing being "good" and learning about what others are doing in this area.  Often this involves some kind of religious connection but it can be independent reading or discussions.


Newsletter for 1Q2009

Do Better Internet Research

Amplify from is an add-on to your Internet Explorer browser that helps you do research and is much better than Google or Yahoo.  Onfolio from and enLighter Retriever from are also very helpful.

Add VIDEO to Your Presentations

At this point in time, we must add some kind of video to our presentations.  YouTube, HDTV, and virtually every sales message now has some form of video. Videos can be developed for the Internet, PowerPoint presentations and In-The-Lobby infinitely looping shows.  When you develop the video you MUST HAVE a quality sound recording system and not one from the camera, two cameras so you can switch back and forth, a script, a studio to shoot it in without outside sounds AND some decent software to edit and add the sound track to the video.


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