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Newsletter for 4Q2008

Google Web Master Tools

If you go to Google's web site and click around you will find some terrific tools to help your web site come up higher in search engines.

You will find some code that can be inserted in your web site to "Verify" that your site is real so Google's bots can index it.

You will also find a "Site Map Creater" which is handy for Google's bots to index your site also.

Additionally, there are many other suggestions and guides presented that very marketer should read and understand.

Please feel free to call us if you have trouble with finding or understanding these tools.

Microsoft Access PDF File Creation

A Microsoft Access "Add-In" allows you convert reports to PDF files for easy emailing and reading by your customers and associates.

Go to and enter the following into their Search box: "2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF"

You can create a report in Access 2207 then click on File, SendTo, Email Recipient and you will be given a format choice which, after you upload the add-in, will include PDF format.

Virtually everyone has Adobe Acrobat Reader which is the program necessary for reading PDF files. Additionally, there are third party PDF file editors available that would let the recipient make changes to the report.


Newsletter for 3Q2008

Treating Others With Respect

The following suggestions are from a very helpful website which can be viewed by clicking on this link.


Treating people with respect makes your world a nicer place to live in, whether it's at home, at school, or out in your community. And it's easy - all you have to do is treat people the way you like to have them treat you. Here are a few ideas.

Don't insult people or make fun of them.
Listen to others when they speak.
Value other people's opinions.
Be considerate of people's likes and dislikes.
Don't mock or tease people.
Don't talk about people behind their backs.
Be sensitive to other people's feelings.
� Don't pressure someone to do something he or she doesn't want to do.

We live in a diverse nation made up of many different cultures, languages, races, and backgrounds. That kind of variety can make all our lives a lot more fun and interesting, but only if we get along with each other. And to do that we have to respect each other. In addition to the list above, here are some ways we can respect people who are different from us.

Try to learn something from the other person.
Never stereotype people.
Show interest and appreciation for other people's cultures and backgrounds.
� Don't go along with prejudices and racist attitudes.


If you are using the video, ask the first question before viewing.

1.  Agree or disagree: It's okay to insult or make fun of people as long as they don't hear it.

2.  What are some common signs of disrespect that you see in people here at school? How do you feel about that?

3.  What do you dislike most about the way people treat each other here at school? What do you like the most? Why do you feel that way?

4.  Are there a lot of put-downs here at school? Are put-downs a sign of disrespect? How, in what way?

5.  Is there a difference between a put-down and an insult? What's the difference?


6.  Do you have to like a person in order to be respectful, or can you be respectful to someone even if you don't particularly care for him or her?

7.  When you're with a group of kids, what things might other people do or say that make you feel good? What things make you feel bad?

8.  Do you think there is racism here at school? How is it expressed? How does that make you feel?

9.  Have you, personally, ever experienced racism or some other type of prejudice? What happened? How did it make you feel?

10.  Do the kids in your school tend to stay within their own racial and ethnic groups, or do they mix. Why do you think that happens here?

11.  Several of the kids in the video commented that they feel pressure to stay with their own kind rather than mixing. Do you find the same pressures here at your school?

12.  Do you think people are afraid of differences sometimes? Can you give some examples? Why do you think that's true?

13.  Is it harder to respect someone who is very different from us? Why?

14.  What are the benefits of having friends who are different from us?

15.  Have you ever learned something new about a different culture from a friend?

16.  How well do you kids know each other? What things stand in the way of getting to know people better?

17.  What responsibilities do you feel you have toward your classmates?

18.  Is it ever okay to treat another person with disrespect?

19.  What are the benefits of treating people with respect?

20.  The kids in this video said they think everybody is entitled to be treated with respect. Do you agree?

21.  What was most meaningful to you in this video?

22.  Did anybody in this video say anything you disagree with? What would you say to that person?


Newsletter for 2Q2008

Expression Web Replaced FrontPage

In an earlier Newsletter I complained about how Microsoft had discontinued FrontPage as their HTML editor program for non-programmers.

Well, I have to say Microsoft's suite of Expression software is quite impressive.  Expression Web is an excellent replacement for FrontPage and the other items included in the suite are very powerful additions.

While I am not a senior programmer I like to make my own changes to web sites and Expression Web is the right tool.

The applications included in Expressions Suite include: Expression Blend; Expression Encoder; Expression Design; Expression Media and Expression Web.

 As best as I can tell these shake out as follows:
  • Expressions Web is the follow-on from Front Page
  • Expressions Blend is used to create an "Exe" project file which can hold a range of files including XAML files.  (Not sure exactly what this is for but looks like it could be for collective work on certain files which MIGHT include Access databases)
  • Expression Design is a graphics program like Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro
  • Expressions Encoder is a video "encoding" program which allows you to set the "bandwidth" requirements of videos that will be placed on the internet.  They can be viewed in original state as well as in a wide range of "compressed" formats side by side for comparison.  It also allows some video editing.
  • Expressions Media is a media cataloging program that allows some editing and may allow making a short video by "animating" several jpg files


Newsletter for 1Q2008

Ouch! bid4prizes and Verizon took advantage of me

I have a Verizon Wireless cell phone and do not get a "paper" statement from them so I have been just paying the amount due each month without checking what all the charges are for.

My bill has been running about $75 per month even though I signed up for a $59 plan.  I was thinking that the rest was taxes and "fees"

Today, I went online to look at my account and found that has been charging me $9.99 per month without my permission. Somehow they have been adding this to my Verizon bill for 8 months!

There is no way I would have authorized any third party to charge me $9.99 per month!

First of all, I have no idea what they do nor do I care.

I am just very upset that they have been charging me without my permission.


When I called (bid 4 prizes) they said they would "unsubscribe" me but would not refund the eight months I have already paid.

Then I called Verizon Wireless and they said they would not refund the monies to me either. They said they were not billing me. However, they ARE billing me. The bid4prizes monthly fee is rolled into the cell phone bill.

I am very angry at Verizon Wireless AND bid4prizes since they are in it together in my opinion.

What is really disturbing to me are the countless others that are also being billed for this... without their knowledge.

UPDATE: Upon further calling to supervisors at both Verizon and bid4prizes I was told I would get refunds for all of the monies that were billed to my account.  Sherri from bid4prizes was very professional and sympathetic and told me that she would send me a complete refund.  She also apologized for any inconvenience and told me that I may have signed up unknowingly by using PhotoBucket.  I did get a full refund as Sherri said I would.



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