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Newsletter for 4Q98

Consultative Selling Class

A new two-day class is now being provided that uses case studies to determine an appropriate business plan.  Two books are provided in the course, the first is the class book and the other is a reference book.  The focus of this class is understanding the customer's business situation and then developing a comprehensive business plan to line up your products and services to meet your customer's needs. Please check out the Consultative Selling page for more information.

Job Corner

This section will help sales managers and sales people find each other.  If you have a sales position that needs to be filled, email us the job description and how to contact you.  If you are looking for a sales position please email to us your resume and how to contact you.  Click on Job Corner to check it.

Connecting To Oracle

We are now using Microsoft Access front ends to connect to Oracle data tables.  Oracle programmers can be expensive and hard to deal with whereas your employees can learn Access very quickly and get information easily.

1999 Schedule

We have just competed the class schedule for 1999.  Please click on class schedule to see the dates.

CD-ROM Catalog

We are producing CD-ROM catalogs in "run time" Microsoft Access that can function without the user having Microsoft Access.  The "electronic" catalog is completely button driven with no Microsoft Access identification of any kind.  The benefits of this are that it can replace expensive four-color catalogs that cannot be updated and the CD can carry substantially more information with cascading buttons to provide more and more information. Please check out CD-ROM catalog for more information.

Custom Sales Training Programs

We continue to provide customized sales training for outside and inside sales persons.   We do extensive research on your company's market situation and your people and put on a program perfectly suited to meet your needs.  These programs can be done at your facility or at a hotel in your area.  Please call us at 1-800-328-9696 for a long list of references.

Price Schedule

We have just published our schedule of prices.  Please click on price schedule for a table of the rates we charge for a variety of work.

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