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Newsletter for 4Q2006

This issue is devoted to showing how Beaumont Hospital used customer service to grow sales:

Beaumont Hospital is a top ranked hospital with several locations around the Detroit metropolitan area.  They are using customer service to increase sales.

Most medical practices and hospitals provide very low customer service and often give the impression that they are above the need to be "nice" to their customers.  Not these guys!  Beaumont Hospital is exemplary in their dedication to providing customer service.

A short while ago, a friend of mine and his wife, both in their 50's, were seriously injured in a motorcycle accident and were taken to Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak.

Myself and a bunch of their friends went to the hospital to provide support and help them in this time of need.  When we arrived at the hospital we found the parking structure attendant was there to help us find our destination and NOT to collect a parking fee.  There are no parking fees at Beaumont Hospital!  What a relief to us since we all disdain paying for parking.

Anyway, when we entered the hospital and asked for our friends the Information Desk asked if we could wait for a "Patient Advocate" who would take us to our friends and help us get information.  So, of course, we said yes.

Very promptly, an articulate and caring young man introduced himself and told us about the condition of our friends and then took us up to visit them.  Along the way, he showed us where the waiting room was and gave us a layout of the hospital.  He noted where we could get gifts and food.  What a gentleman he was.

Additionally, he introduced us to the Intensive Care personnel that were assigned to our very seriously injured friends.  These professionals explained the condition and situation facing our friends.  They allowed us to visit with them privately for a few minutes and then very courteously suggested we come back the next day.

When we got down to the lobby all of us remarked on what a fantastic experience the hospital had provided for us.  We all felt that Beaumont Hospital is where we would like to be if and when we ever need hospital care.

As luck would have it, another dear friend of mine discovered that her aortic valve needed to be replaced.  Can you guess where I recommended that she get the work done?  Of course, I recommended Beaumont Hospital.

Her open heart surgery was performed at Beaumont Hospital on a very cold day in December.  As I passed by the Parking Lot Attendant she informed me that there was an underground tunnel that would provide shelter and warmth while going from the parking structure to the hospital.  WOW, how about that!  A tunnel to protect the hospital customers and visitors from the very nasty Michigan winter weather.  Now, that is dedication to customer service.

Now that I am in my sixties, and many of my friends are too, chances are that we will need to spend more time in hospitals and there are a lot of choices around the Detroit area.

Where do you think I am going?  Beaumont Hospital, of course!!!

By the way, in 2006 the hospital provided $177 million in unpaid services.  Now, that is helping the community!


Newsletter for 3Q2006

We have developed our 2007 schedule of classes:

2007 Cleveland, Ohio classes are as follows:
Relationship Selling - April 5-6, 2007 and Nov 1-2, 2007
Inside Sales Excellence - June 14-15, 2--7 and Nov 15-16, 2007
Negotiation Excellence - May 10-11, 2007 and Oct 4-5, 2007

2007 Detroit, Michigan classes are as follows:
Relationship Selling - May 24-25, 2007 and Nov 15-16, 2007
Inside Sales Excellence - June 14-15, 2--7 and Nov 15-16, 2007
Negotiation Excellence - April 26-27, 2007 and Sept 27-28, 2007
(See complete list and dates by clicking schedule)


We have a number of job openings listed on our web site

Take a look at the list of jobs by clicking here Job Corner. You can send us your resumes or job postings and we will list them.  Just send them as attachments to an email to us at

Life Expectancy

To find out how long you are going to live hit the following link and enter your personal information.



Newsletter for 2Q2006

Metro Trading may provide a NEW market

Companies can sell products on "Trade" using local and national trading companies to hook them up with buyers and to help find companies that will take trade credits as payments for goods and services.  In the Detroit area, we use the Metro Trading Association ( On a national level they are associated with the International Reciprocal Trade Association and the National Association of Trade Exchanges and can access tens of thousands of businesses worldwide.

Trading usually involves buyers that would not use your services on a cash basis so you can get incremental sales revenue even though it is not cash.  When you sell something on trade, you do not get cash but rather, you get trade credits that can be paid to other trade members for their products and services.   There is a wide range of products and services available on trade.

Economic report

Following is a link to an economic report on the Economy and the Automotive Industry.



Newsletter for 1Q2006

How to respond to: "I only have two minutes"

During my career I often heard the words: "John, I know we have an appointment, but because I am so busy today, I only have two minutes for you."   What I want to ask you is: "How would you respond to this?"

My response was always the same.  I would go into an excited and fast "pitch" on something that I wanted to sell or to talk about.  After which, I usually felt like it was a waste of time and I also felt some remorse for taking two minutes away from someone who was very busy.

After thinking about this for quite some time, AND after having discussed this with other more sensitive sales people, I have come to the conclusion that what I did, as a matter of course, was wrong.  In my own career I cannot remember ever getting any where with a customer following my thoughtless use of his two minutes AND I have never heard of any other sales person who turned that two minutes into a sale.

If we are in it for the long haul with our customers AND if we are truly trying to develop the "Relationship" sell, then how could we force-feed our "pitch" and take two vital minutes away from a "loved" one?

It is my belief that the best thing we can do in this kind of situation is ask the customer to sit down and relax and try to buy him or her a cup of coffee.  Tell the customer something like: "I wouldn't think of taking your two minutes.  How about just sitting down and relax for the two minutes. My approach involves understanding your needs and expectations and my racing through a two minute "pitch" will not help me to help you.  I will gladly come back when the timing is better for you."

It seems to me that this has way more "impact" for the long haul and will leave a lasting, favorable impression on the customer AND the customer will feel somewhat guilty that you had an appointment with him but he was unable to meet with you.  Could his guilt result in you getting an order?

Check for free wireless "Hot Spots"

If you have a wireless network card in your laptop and want to find out where you can hook up to the Internet for free, then click on this link and go to your state.

Aerospace Engineering Jobs

A good deal of our customers are located in the Midwest and it seems we all know engineers that are out of work right now.  A head-hunter contacted me recently with a number of available jobs.  They are engineering and project manager jobs and there is one Director's job.  You can check them out at our "Job Corner" page at Maybe you could help someone who is out of work.

GPS system that is LOW COST

I just bought Microsoft's Streets and Trips 2006 with GPS Locator for under a $100. It gives me a great laptop system just like Hertz's NeverLost and I can add info to the very extensive info it has, like hotels I like or restaurants or Costco. It also downloads to my Pocket PC phone.  Additionally, I bought a Bluetooth adapter for my Pocket PC cell phone so I can have a GPS system on my Pocket PC phone (PDA). The Streets and Trips software has a link to MSN Virtual Earth which is basically the same as "Google Earth".

The Pocket PC with downloaded "Streets and Trips" maps and a Bluetooth GPS locator is wonderful, fast and small. My Pocket PC Verizon phone (VX6600) also allows me to add 5 Gigs (not Megs) with Memory Cards so I can store tons of information.

What you should know about Web searches

A Guide to Hidden Features Of Google and Yahoo Engines;

Doing a search in Google or Yahoo seems as easy as falling off a log. You just type in a word, and almost instantly you get a page of links to Web sites that bear some relevance to that search term.

But too often your search results aren't exactly what you'd like. Irrelevant links can clutter the page, especially when your search term is ambiguous. If you type in "chips," the search engine has no way of knowing whether you mean computer chips, potato chips or chocolate chips. In fact, when I tried searching Google for that term a few days ago, the top result was a reference to the old "CHiPs" TV show.

A few simple tips and tricks can help you get much more out of a Web search without becoming a professional researcher. Some are better techniques for general searches, others are simple ways to do more-targeted searches, which can often yield answers, rather than merely links. For instance, most people don't know that Google and Yahoo (the biggest, most-popular search engines) can perform math calculations and currency conversions, look up addresses based on phone numbers, and more.

The easiest way to get better search results is to use two or three words, every time, instead of just one. Search engines do much better when they have a little context to help narrow the results. If you're thinking of going golfing in Scotland in the summer, a search on "Scotland" is a waste of electrons. But using three words -- "Scotland," "golf" and "summer" -- is much more on target and takes only a few seconds more. Similarly, typing in "chocolate chips" or "computer chips" yields a results list on which that old "CHiPs" TV show is nowhere to be found. (You don't have to type the word "and" between your search terms, because Google always assumes it's there.)

Another great tip is to surround your search terms with quotation marks if you're looking for an exact name or phrase -- say a song title made up of common words. When Google or Yahoo (or most other search sites) see words in quotes, they interpret the words as an exact phrase and look only for instances where the words appear in their entirety, in the order you entered them.

Combining these techniques is even better. If you're looking for lyrics to the Bob Dylan song "I Want You," the best thing to do is enter the title in quotes, followed by the words "Dylan" and "lyrics" not in quotes.

You can also sharpen searches in Google by instructing the search engine to exclude certain topic areas that might clutter the results. This is done by following your search term with a space, then a minus sign followed by the topic you want to exclude. For instance, my search for "chips" would have excluded its very top listing, for the old TV show, if I had typed "chips -TV."

Or, you can focus your Google search on a certain topic area by using the "+" sign. A search for "Washington +mountain" is very different from a general search on "Washington." (You'll get narrow info on mountains in the state, rather than links ranging from the University of Washington to the Washington, D.C., transit authority.)

Other search-sharpening methods can be found on the Advanced Search pages of both Google and Yahoo. These are essentially forms you fill out that let you customize your search in numerous ways.

Both Google and Yahoo also are packed with hidden search tricks that make getting information faster. They aren't foolproof, but they will frequently turn up an answer right on the results page, without requiring you to click on a link.

Here are some examples:

In both search engines, typing in a stock symbol gets you the company name, latest price and a price chart, right at the top of the results page.

Typing in a U.S. street address in Google gets you a link to a map of the location. Yahoo goes one step better -- it actually shows the map on the results page.

Entering a U.S. land-line phone number in Google or Yahoo gives you the name and address of the person to whom it belongs.

Current weather conditions for U.S. cities can be displayed in Yahoo by typing the city name followed by the word "weather." In Google, you type the word "weather" first, followed by the city name.

In Yahoo, if you type in the name of a sports team and the word "scores," you will get the current score of a game in which the team is involved.

In Google, you can type in certain fact-based questions, like "population of Boston" or "birthplace of Tom Brady" and you get the answer, not just a link to the answer.

If you type simple math problems, like 5x238, into the search boxes of either search engine, the sites act like calculators, spitting back the result.

Both sites will also perform conversions of weights and measures, and currency conversions, right in the search box. In Google, you just type in questions like "37 centimeters in inches" or "7,000 yen in us dollars." In Yahoo, you begin such questions with the word "convert," as in "convert 7,000 yen to dollars."

Both sites will let you type in certain kinds of numbers, like package-tracking numbers, to get immediate information. A vehicle ID number will get you links to basic information about the car and an offer to buy more detailed reports on the vehicle.

If you want to dig further into these hidden features, Google has a guide at: Yahoo has a similar guide at:
This is from Mossberg Solutions, Email:

We have established new schedules for 2006

Our class schedules for the new year can be checked by clicking on the blue links below.

"Relationship Selling" in Detroit and Cleveland areas.  Click schedules for more info.

"Inside Sales Excellence" in Detroit and Cleveland areas.  Click schedules for more info.

"Negotiation Excellence" in Detroit and Cleveland areas.  Click schedules for more info.

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