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Newsletter for 4Q99

Seasons Greetings

We want to wish all of our visitors the very best holiday season and a very prosperous new year.  We thank you very much for your support and look forward to serving you in the future.

Digital Camera

We have recently purchased a Kodak DC280 digital camera and have been delighted with it.  With very little effort, using a computer's USB port, the camera can be integrated into a computer so that the pictures can be viewed or stored.   The quality of the pictures is outstanding and the pictures are available for viewing directly from the camera or from a computer screen.  We bought the camera, which normally sells for $799,  for $679 from

E-Commerce Web Site Development

Our E-commerce web site will be up shortly.  We are putting the finishing touches on credit card purchasing using secure connections.  Please visit us again shortly to check it out.  Of course, we can do an E-commerce web site for our clients also.

India Connection

We have developed a resource that can get catalogs completely re-typed for the most reasonable rates possible by having the work done in India.  All that has to be done is to Federal Express the catalog to India and a file is emailed back.

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Class schedule for 2000

Please check out our schedule of classes for the Cleveland and Detroit areas.  Just click on class schedule to see the upcoming dates for our Relationship Selling, Inside Sales and Sales Force Automation programs.

Sales Force Automation

We have just set up one of our clients with a complete "Sales Force Automation" package including computers, monitors, installing and setting up all software, email setup, databases and training.   The project for 6 sales persons was just under $30,000 and allows the sales people to synchronize with headquarters and handle all communications via the Internet.

Record Year

This year has been a great year for Mitchell Selling Dynamics.  We more than doubled our sales over 1998 and have added quite a few new "regular" customers to our client list.  We  want to thank all of our customers for selecting us and we sincerely appreciate your business.


Newsletter for 3Q99

Our Employee Of The Quarter

Mike Roman has been given the "Employee Of The Quarter" award for his work with our customer, Lebow Products.


Mike Roman


Mike has continually given 120% for this customer creating unique results for their web site while holding the charges down. He has made their site very special in terms of the appearance and the functionality. You can check it out for yourself at

His award is additional paid time off and some cash to spend while vacationing. Hats off to Mike Roman!

eMachines Intel Celeron

We are happy with the eMachines etower 366i Intel Celeron computers that we purchased from Office Depot.  They came with a 4 Gig hard drive, 32 Megs of RAM, a 56 K modem and a very fast CD-ROM reader.  Each PC had a price of $454 and came with a $50 rebate coupon so they cost us $404 each.  No monitor was included.

E-Commerce Web Development

We have developed a relationship with Leo J. Brennan, Inc. and have agreed to collaborate on E-Commerce sites complete with CyberBanker credit card authorizations and catalog page creation on the fly with ASP pages (active server pages).

Sharp Fax Machine

We just bought a Sharp UX-300 plain paper fax which cost us about $80 after rebates.   We thougth we had a good deal until we bought the ink paper rolls at $13 each which will print a maximum of 100 sheets.  WOW, we want to get into the toner business.

China Connection

We have developed a resource that can translate web pages into Chinese. He also has associates in Bejing that can help to facilitate doing business with Asian companies. He also represents a Chinese company that makes cast iron and steel castings.

New Employee

We would like everyone to help us extend a warm welcome to our newest employee, Payal Jain. Payal has experience with Informix, Oracle, C++ and, of course, Microsoft Access. Payal is a computer engineering graduate from Wayne State University.

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Some Tips From Bill Muther*

1.   Make certain we spend our time with the RIGHT customer.
The largest potential customer is NOT ALWAYS our "A" customer . . . . . . .
That potential MUST be AVAILABLE to us!
Not locked up with someone else’s contracts
Not locked up with an integrated supplier that will not work with us
Not a good match with our line of "standards"
Not unwilling to work with us
Look at "Time vs Reward"

2. "SELLING" is STILL the name of the game.
Despite what our cards say, the first thing we always have to do is "SELL"………..
It’s how we are measured - It’s how we are paid
We must "Sell":
a. Ourselves - According to my best distributor, that includes:
- Appearance
- Preparedness
- Knowledge
- Willingness to buy lunch!
b.     Our Company
c.     Our products

"Selling" is easier when you find ways to take yourself out of the crowd of "other salesmen".
Do things the "other guy" won’t and…. he won’t:
Write/FAX confirmation of your first visit. Always try to send a new relationship something written - on paper!
He has to handle it - - see it - move it around -which brings you in front of him more than simply once.
Always do what you say you will do. Devise something small and respond to it to prove your reliability. Example …….
75% of your competitor salesmen take the easy way out. So… when you don’t, you differentiate yourself right away.

3. Easy ways to deal with distributors.
� Time is always at a premium.
Try to do things by the use of pre-printed forms – not in person (especially with non-technical distributors)

I use:
"Plant Evaluation Sheet"
I will not make a cold call unless they fill it out.

"Application Qualifying Form"
No Form - No Test Tools!

"Test Tool Envelopes"
Test data can be written right on my envelope.

"Lead Qualification Sheet"
Used by distributor on phone lead follow-ups
by us to determine TRUE value of the lead.

"Sales Call Summary & Follow-up Responsibilities"
AFTER you make a joint call with a distributor salesman, this form specifies actions to be take

* Bill Muther is an old friend of John's and has a lot of experience in selling.


Newsletter for 2Q99

Special New Client

Simple Scheduling System

Schedule repeat contacts with about 50 end users of our products.

Divide your territory into four sections and list about 12 end users in each section. Establish a sales goal for about half of these accounts. The four sections correspond to four weeks in a month. Each week you will be focusing in one of the four sections, scheduling your time at end users in the section. The end users in the section should be designated as A, B or C accounts with A accounts providing more opportunity than C accounts. Inform your distributors when you will be in each section in the beginning of the year and remind them often. As you work the section your focus should always be on the A accounts and you can use the C accounts as "fill" when you have the chance to work them in.

Week 1 - Section 1
Monday: Handle unforeseen opportunities and phone
Tuesday: Franklin Schools, Green Psychiatric, Lemon Properties, Burdon Architectural
Wednesday: Hugh Construction, Simon Partners, Extend Properties, Hi-Growth Properties
Thursday: Longworth Schools, Mercy Hospital, McCarthy Properties, St. John Hospital
Friday: Handle unforeseen opportunities and phone
Section 1 Fill accounts: Luke Properties, Small Hospital, Greenville Schools, Lakewood Schools, Crescent Properties, Pinnacle Properties

NOTE: Any accounts that come to our attention, which are not listed above, are to be evaluated by distributors before we make an in-person visit

You Must Get Personal To Sell

The very best sales people are personally involved with their customers after hours.  This means inviting customers to backyard barbeques, family birthday parties and getting to know the customer's family.  Selling is not a 9 to 5 job and you cannot do it alone.  You must involve your family to! 

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We are happy to have Timeless Antiques as a new client who has come to us for technology support. Call Richard Smith, III (248-582-1510)

Porcelain Vase

Circa 1882 Porcelain Vase (Worcester, England) $1100

Microsoft Office Training

Our Sales Force Automation class is getting rave reviews. The full-day class provides a wealth of meat and potatoes about the uses of Microsoft Windows, Word, Access, Powerpoint and Excel plus how to use pcANYWHERE and the Internet to grow profitable sales. As with all of our programs this can be put on at your facility. Attendees have told us that the bountiful number of tips and shortcuts have been unparalleled.

Importance Of Profits
Many sales people think that giving a 10% discount is no big deal! In fact, I used to think that it was no big deal, but I have changed my ways after learning more about business. If a product is sold for $1000 it may consist of purchased materials that cost $250. There may be $250 of labor that went into making it and there may be another $250 of overhead expense allocated to this product. What is left is the profit which amounts to $250. The average, novice sales person thinks nothing of giving away 10% of the $1000 which amounts to $100. If we think about this $100 in terms of profits it is nearly half of the profits!!!!!! Every day there are many companies that go out of business with $ millions in sales. Their problem is profits!!!!! Profits are the lifeblood of every company and are used to insure the security and growth of the employees.


Newsletter for 1Q99

Consultative Selling Class

New Location For Michigan Programs

We are now having our Michigan meetings at the Columbia Center Building which is across the street from the Troy Marriott Hotel.  It is a high-rise building and our meetings are in the ground floor conference room.  See the directions by clicking on Columbia Center.

Web Site Design

We have just completed an extensive web site for a company, Lebow Products,  that manufactures torque measurement and load force measurement devices.   You can see our work at

Re-Attend For Free

If you have been a paid attendee at one of our programs you can re-attend the same program at no charge as a way of getting a refresher class.

Job Corner

This section will help sales managers and sales people find each other.  If you have a sales position that needs to be filled, email us the job description and how to contact you.  If you are looking for a sales position please email to us your resume and how to contact you.

Class Size Reduced

We have reduced the size of our classes to a maximum of 12 persons.   This will guarantee a very personal and almost private meeting.

This class is now complete. It is a two-day program that walks attendees through the process of  building a business plan to grow sales and develop accounts.  It is targeted for senior sales persons that are capable of developing strategic alliances with their customers. Please check out the Consultative Selling page for more information.

Expert System For Eaton Corporation

We are proud to announce that we have been selected to develop an extensive expert system for Eaton Corporation.  The expert system will be written in Visual Basic and allow engineering personnel to make sophisticated designs using complex algorithms. The design personnel will have to enter simple answers to menu questions and the program will do the rest.

Special New Client

We are happy to have Glenco Sales Company as a new client who has come to us for technology support.

Glen-No arms (from family picture) 2.jpg (4428 bytes)

Glen Gaskill - President

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