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Newsletter for 4Q03

Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy New Year!

Discount Airlines - Allegiant Airlines - Las Vegas, Colorado, Lansing-Michigan - Southeast Airlines - Florida, Las Vegas, PA - Transmeridian Airlines - Midwest and Northwest to Florida and Caribbean - USA3000 Airlines - Philadelphia, Midwest to Florida and Mexico - Song Airlines - Northeast to Southeast - Southwest Airlines America West Airlines JetBlue Airlines Frontier Airlines AirTran Airlines (based in Costa Rica) 3 to 14 days prior to departure to Galapagos, China and Botswana

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Two Ways To Stop Pop-Ups

Windows XP and Windows2000 From USA Today
From the Start button go to Control Panel. Navigate to Administrative Tools and double click Services. Scroll down to Messenger. Double click Messenger. Reset Startup Type to disable. 
From the Start button go to Control Panel. Double click Network and Internet Connections. Click Network Connections. Right click on the Internet connection source you are using. Click Properties. Click the Advanced tab. Select option to "Protect my computer or network".

Schedule for 2004 All Programs 2 Days With Extensive Role-Playing

"Relationship Selling": Cleveland - April 1 & 2, 2004; Detroit - March 25 & 26, 2004
"Inside Sales Excellence": Cleveland - May 6 & 7, 2004; Detroit - April 22 & 23, 2004
"Negotiation Excellence": Cleveland - April 15 & 16, 2004; Detroit - April 8 & 9, 2004
"Sales Force Automation": Cleveland - March 4 & 5, 2004; Detroit - March 11 & 12, 2004

Custom programs are available at your facility


Newsletter for 3Q03
Devoted entirely to our IMTS promotion for exhibitors at the Machine Tool Show in Chicago for September 2004.

Special $500 Promotion On IMTS Services

The International Machine Tool Show (IMTS) in Chicago is coming up faster than you can imagine and we have an offer we hope you cannot refuse.

Save $500 using us, a sales and marketing solutions company with a lot of experience in the METALWORKING industry.

Handle Leads Properly After The Show

Let us, database experts, handle the leads for you.

Get experts that can do it faster and cheaper than anyone else.  We take all of your leads, whether they come in on card-swipes, business cards, napkins, e-swipes or whatever and we enter them and then merge/purge them, standardize them, append them or distribute them.

Add An IMTS Page To Your Website

We can add pages to your existing web site and do it fast and economically. This will help to promote your booth and its location in Chicago.

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Get Your Message Out At The Show

Let us do your "Booth presentations" and/or Conference Presentations"

Get an industry professional to help create and tell your story.   We know the industry very well and can create and give dynamic and entertaining presentations at your booth or by presenting a paper for you at the Manufacturing Conference in one of the tracks on Machining, Grinding, Tooling, Quality, Strategy or Job Shop technology.

Turn Your Booth Personnel Into Booth Winners

Training for your booth personnel

 Get results from your booth workers and make sure they treat visitors properly.  Our "Trade Show Excellence" program will teach them how to get and qualify leads.  It will provide them with a check list of things to do when visitors enter the booth and it will help you get your message out in a professional manner.  See the program contents on our site at

Save $500 By Acting Now

Contact us before the end of the year and we will give you a $500 credit toward the purchase of any of the services listed above. 


Newsletter for 2Q03

Doing More With Less

The time has come to use the phone, WinFaxPro and Outlook email to contact your customers without using paper. The phone lets you leave a voice mail message and WinFaxPro and Outlook allow you to send the customer information, in less than a minute, that they can print out or forward to others.

Clean Stainless Steel Stoves Or Grills

I just got a sample of Bar Keepers Friend which is a powder that can be sprinkled on a wet cloth to clean stainless steel. My grill had been "burned" from a grease fire and all the discoloration came right off with this amazing cleaner which I got at Costco. They have a web site: with more info.

New Program For Support Staffers

We are offering a NEW Program  - Interaction Effectiveness - For Improving Support Staffers interactions with other employees
- Program helps corporate IT and HR functions work better with other employees
- Program is very interactive providing specific techniques with nine role-plays

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National Do-Not-Call Directory

-Visit to have your phone listed to stop telemarketers from calling you.

Cool Features Added To Google Search

Google (, the world's leading search engine has added a "Image" search to their site ( so now you can find all kinds of graphics that you might want to use in your PowerPoint presentations or whatever.

Google also had a feature that automatically sets up a Google search box in your browser. To install this on your PC go to and click on "Services &Tools" and then click on "Google Toolbar"

Google also has a "Translate Tool" for converting other languages to English and it is on the same "Services &Tools" page as the Google Toolbar


Newsletter for 1Q03
Devoted entirely
to my recommendations on how to handle a "visit request" from a prospect that has low or uncertain probability of giving you an order.

Note: I would appreciate your feedback on my recommendations. 

NEW - We developed a Microsoft ACCESS "Enterprise Package" for Manufacturers' Agents

New database that will do:
- Contact Management
- Quotation Creation
- Order Entry
- Commission Calculations
- Inventory Management
- Lead Fulfillment
- Auto-faxing
- Auto-email

I respect customer requests,,,,, however

First of all, I must say that I respect customer requests and, very much, appreciate when one calls and wants to see me and I think you should too. However, we are often contacted by accounts which provide very little "real" opportunity or that are not a good match for our products or services or do not have the money or authority to make a purchase and they want us to travel long distances or devote critical resources to them. The purpose of this Newsletter is to give you some food for thought before you race off to visit or invest in one of these "low likelihood of success" accounts.

Secondly, I must say that I am keenly aware that we are in a down market and need to get business from ANYWHERE. However, in bad times it is even more important to use our time wisely. 

Statements that show you appreciate the opportunity
- Thank you so much for your interest in our products and for the invitation to visit you
- We are familiar with your company and just love the area you are in
- We would love to meet with you to discuss and understand your needs

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Some questions to ask about the opportunity

- Can you tell me, specifically, what you are interested in
- Can you tell me what you would like to accomplish from a face to face meeting
- Do you have a budget established for this

Some questions about the chance for an order

- If I come there and you like what you see, what will happen next
- Do you have a purchase timetable established
- Can you tell me who the primary decision maker is
- Have you evaluated any other suppliers

Some alternatives to help you avoid a long trip or other investment

- Could you meet me at another company just like yours so you can see it operating
- May I take an order at a trial price with a "performance satisfaction" guarantee
- Would it be possible for you to come here so I can make the presentation
- Are you planning any trips that are close to my office where I could meet you for dinner
- Can I show you how this works by giving you a personalized tour of our web site
- Our fee for a consultation is $200 but it is entirely applicable to an order

The point I am making above is that we do not always have to run out and make a face to face visit. We should try to get some assurance that there will be a return on the investment of our time or materials.


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